Monday, October 29, 2007

Black college football game generates heated discussions

Ok, as a proud HBC (Historically Black College) grad, (Alcorn State, baby!) I am pleased that Nerjyzed Game Studios is publishing a PC sports games dedicated to black college football. The rest of the world? Not so much.

Nerjyzed Entertainment, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, created a PC football game that focuses on black college football teams throughout the United States. In the past years, EA and 2K Games had Division I-AA schools, including several HBCUs, in their games. Recently, they have trimmed the conferences and left most Division I-AA schools in the dust.

The title has caused quite a stir on blogs and forums. According to several responses, many surfers online didn't know there were Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States!

Enters Nerjyzed. According to their site, this game is the most brutally fun and amazingly accurate football experience out there. Set in the unique and colorful world of Black College Football, BCFx puts you in the spotlight.

Step into the cleats of a player:

Make hard hits and split decisions, as you guide your team through the season. Feel the passion of the fans and the music from the band coarse through your veins as you get closer, yard-by-yard, to the Championship game.

Step into the boots of a drum major:

Halftime offers no respite as you suit up, grip your baton and lead your band of musical maestros through intricate formations as the crowd roars in amazement. It's the Battle of the Bands: Win this and you just might give your team what it needs to prevail in the second half.

I will admit, I have attended college sports games at non-HBCUs and they are cool, but it's nothing like watching the battle of the bands at an HBCU.

It's not a racist game - it's a game that gives gamers who have never been to a black college AND for gamers who attended a black school, the same experience.

I'll have more for you on this title soon. You can count on it!

Mad Skillz (Alcorn State, '97)

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