Monday, October 29, 2007

Duke City Gamerz: The beginning ...

Hello and welcome to our video gaming/technology blog. This blog is the followup of the Albuquerque Tribune "Q-T3CH" video gaming /techonology blog. I created the blog/print page while I was at the newspaper.

I am Willie J, aka Mad Skillz - The Demented Gamer. Here's a lil more about me.

Mount FU-G

A wii bit of background on me: I am an Air Force brat – moved around the U.S. (North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Mississippi and New Mexico) and I have been into gaming since the early 1980s – yeah, Commodore VIC-20, baby! I did some beta testing for Atari ("Test Drive Unlimited" – I am a nonplayable character in the PS2 version) and I love console gaming. I repair iPods and MP3 players and have been in journalism for nearly 12 years.

Currently playing: "Ace Combat 6," "The Orange Box," "Manhunt 2" and "Virtua Fighter 5."

Likes: Reviewing video games, hanging with my family, watching HD DVDs on my new HD DVD player (favorite flick? "Transformers!"), spending mad time in my "Man Space."

Dislikes: People who don't keep their word, RRoD, high gas prices, PC games that require tons of updates before I can install it properly (this bugs me to NO END).

SiCk: "The Orange Box," Namco Bandai's flightstick with "Ace Combat 6" (are these sold separately because daddy needs one for Christmas), branching out one my own and trying to take my fire from the newspaper blog to here ... and playing as the Tar Heels on NCAA 2K8.

PWN3D: Folks who own BR players and can't watch "Transformers" (sorry!), the citizens of the U.S. (We are getting PLAYED by the Bush administration), folks duped into buying a home with a subprime loan ("No title or escrow fees ... absolutely no fees!" - uh, yeah ... you fools at CountryWide are why this housing mess started in the first place!)

On my gaming/tech radar: "Mass Effect," "Call of Duty 4" (I hearted "Call of Duty 2" and the beta was SiCK), "GTAIV" and "Army of Two."

Mad Skillz – the Demented Gamer

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