Monday, October 29, 2007

E3 2007: Sony, MS see games as key to console race ... duh

Please wake me up when E3 is over ... Sony and Microsoft both agree on one thing - games are the key to winning this console race.

It's amazing that these companies don't talk to gamers more often. Any veteran gamer can tell you it's not the graphics, or the sound, or even the price that makes a game great. Gameplay will make or break a killer title. Exclusive content/games for consoles are a close second for a console to succeed.

E3 has brought us the Sony PS3 price cut, the SiCK PS3 KillZone 2 trailers and MS's announcement about Disney movies coming to Xbox Live. I think one of the coolest gadgets at E3 was the MS Messenger for the 360's controller. Nothing like texting ... or getting a text during a Gears of War frag fest ...


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