Monday, October 29, 2007

Interview with "Black College Football Xperience" creators

Recently, I got in touch with Nerjyzed Game Studios and asked them a few questions about their upcoming release, "Black College Football Xperience."

Duke City Gamerz: When did EA Sports stop including D-1AA schools, including HBCU's, in their video games?

Nerjyzed: These teams were removed from EA Sports NCAA 2007, which was released in 2006. However, even when these teams were included in years past, it was in name only, without any of the unique details that make Black College Football so special. In the BCFx sports world where the actual football game is only half the battle, you really need to capture the intense excitement of the halftime shows and the fierce rivalries of the Classics. We feature a Classics Mode where friends can go toe to toe with their favorite teams as those one of a kind rivalries are put in the spotlight.

Duke City Gamerz: When did your company decide to make this game?

Nerjyzed: BCFx has been in development for over four years now, but our decision to create and capture this world of experience came after the realization that this amazing experience has largely been ignored.

First of all, these schools had yet to be represented in a way that did the experience justice and it’s these details that make for a really exciting gameplay experience. Second, previous attempts to target the urban market have relied far too much on stereotypes and negativity. We decided to do something about this and what better way than to capture the atmosphere of a BCF game. We knew from the start that the only way to really do the BCF justice is to use today’s best technology and blend the music, visuals and gameplay into one exciting experience. In the end, it’s a fun, deep, positive game that the fans will love and it does a fine job of introducing newcomers to this world as well.

It’s also important to note that there are more than 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities around the nation. While these began as institutions to educate free slaves, they have since evolved into an ever-growing destination for men and women of all races to receive a quality education in an environment intimate enough to make a lasting impression. Hence, Black College Football isn’t about race, it’s about a deep pride in community and an amazing fusion of music and sports for everyone to experience.

Duke City Gamerz: Do you plan to release a version of this game for the Microsoft Xbox 360/Sony PS3 consoles?

Nerjyzed: While we have yet to officially announce plans for other consoles, using the Unreal 3.0 engine does afford us the opportunity to bring this game to the next gen consoles fairly easily.

Duke City Gamerz: Do you have any other games for consoles planned for the future?

Nerjyzed: We have some very exciting things in development that, like BCFx, will cast a light on amazing worlds and stories that haven’t been given their deserved attention. Currently, we are devoting ourselves to ensuring that BCFx is polished and ready to ship, but stay tuned to our Web site for announcements of future projects.

Duke City Gamerz: Will the bands in the game have music from their respective schools?

Nerjyzed: Yes. Our team has done groundbreaking work in ensuring the experience is as accurate as possible and that included getting several live recordings of the actual bands playing their fight songs, alma maters and popular band arrangements. It’s details like these that really make for an unforgettable experience.

Duke City Gamerz: Lastly, will there be any throwback players in the game? (Steve 'Air' McNair at Alcorn, Jerry Rice at Valley - Doug Williams at Grambling?)

Nerjyzed: Including legendary HBCU players is definitely something we have discussed as a future update.

Thanks a million, Nerjyzed! We wish you the best.

"Black College Football Xperience" is slated for release on November 23.

For more on "Black College Football Xperience," check out their site -


Second take - while I doubt this would ever see the light of day, it would be soooo cool to have a mod that allows the players created on this game to play pro football like "Madden." And having a Negro league baseball game would be sweet as well.

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