Monday, October 29, 2007

Microsoft extends Xbox 360 warranty to 3 years

Microsoft has extended the warranty of the Xbox 360 to 3 years. I guess I'll get a $29 refund in the mail soon. Sweet!

According to a USA Today article, Microsoft on Thursday extended the warranty on its Xbox 360 video game console and said it will take a charge of more than $1 billion to pay for "anticipated costs."

Under the new warranty, Microsoft will pay for shipping and repairs for three years, worldwide, for consoles afflicted with what gamers call "the red ring of death." Previously, the warranty expired after a year for U.S. customers and two years for Europeans.

Microsoft said it should take two to four weeks to repair damaged consoles.

I will admit - I had to send my 360 in a 'coffin' to Texas to get repaired. As soon as I got it back, I purchased an extended warranty for it. Now, with my $29 coming back, I should have some cash to buy my son a Happy Meal and let my wife Super size her Value Meal. Anyone want a free meal with Mr. Skillz? First commenter (other than the Duke City Gamerz staff) gets the prize!

A side note: With MS taking heat for the staggering failure rates of the 360, (Reference), extending the 360's warranty from one year to three is a smart move. A gamer can feel comfortable knowing as long as they don't mod their system, MS will take care of them. That's good news, especially with the fall being huge for the PS3, 360 and Wii crowds.


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