Monday, October 29, 2007

Need a new iPhone battery? That'll be $79, please

Yikes! According to an MSNBC blog, if you want a new battery for your trendy Apple iPhone, it's $79. Long-distance connection charges not included.

According to Apple, the iPhone battery will only survive about 300-400 recharges. Because the unit is sealed, consumers can't swap out dead batteries. Instead, dead phones must be sent to Apple, where battery replacement will take three business days and cost $79 plus a $6.95 shipping charge. Those who can't live without their cell phones for those three days can rent a spare iPhone for $29.


Apple has had little success with batteries. As someone skilled in iPod repair, the battery is the main culprit when iPods break down. Now, with consumers spending $500+ and cell-phone service, you would think the profit Apple's making would help them develop long-lasting batteries. Yeah, right.

It reminds me of the tire companies making tires that can last forever, yet make them to wear out long before that. Or, how windshield makers can make glass unbreakable, yet that would drive them out of business. The iPods and their fragile parts are in the same class. IPods can be made durable, but Apple decided to use cheap parts for their wildly popular player. The result? Go to eBay and do a search for iPod parts and see what you come up.

SMH at Apple on this one ... For all of the guinea pigs - better have that extra $79 ready for a battery, or talk to your neighborhood attorney about joining a class-action lawsuit ...

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