Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Valve's "The Orange Box's" "Portal" coming to Wii?

There's a rumor around Internet forums and Web sites that Valve's runaway smash, "The Orange Box," has one of the minigames is coming to the Nintendo Wii. That's news to Valve, according to their marketing director.

Several fans of one of the "Orange Box" video games, "Portal," have said Valve is working on a version for the Wii. The game, which is available on the Xbox 360 and PC platforms, features a woman in a testing facility who finishes obstacle courses using a portal gun. Basically, the gun creates a door, then you create another door, walk through it and presto! you are where the first door you created is. It features 19 levels of some really thought-provoking paths. The Valve's version of "Big Brain Academy," folks.

Though Valve, known for their "Half-Life" FPS PC series and now their "Orange Box" video game, has never released a Wii title to date, Doug Lombardi, who handle Valve Software's marketing stance, said having "Portal" on the Wii was an interesting idea.

"It's a very interesting idea, but we have nothing in production for the Wii - not yet, anyway," said Lombardi.

Stay tuned to Duke City Gamerz to find out if Valve creates a "Portal" to the Wii.

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