Monday, October 29, 2007

PWN3D: Church to Sony: Not cool!

Get this ... as if there wasn't enough bad news for Sony's PS3 ... religious folks are suing Sony over the use of Manchester Cathedral in England as the backdrop to the PS3 smash, "Resistance."

The Church of England wasn't very happy that Sony used the cathedral in the game and to make matters worse, there's a virtual shootout in the building.

Did I mention that several folks are killed during gameplay?

Nice, Sony ... of all people to tick off, you make the religious community mad. A+, Sony ...

What I find most interesting about this news is ... "Resistance" is the first PS3 title that's sold over a million copies - and now, it's catching flak.

Can Sony catch a break?

Memo to Sony: Next time, use a community center for your 'shootouts.'

No one will be mad ... well, maybe the folks who love bingo and may be offended.


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