Monday, October 29, 2007

PWN3D: Pluto bolts after young trouble-maker

Here's the back story - young boy decides to pull Pluto's tail at Disneyland in Cali. Pluto was having a bad day, apparently, and chases the child. Nice!

As popular as the student being Tased in Florida, this YouTube delight features some running, finger-pointing and some of the funniest antics caught on film.

If Pluto was half as funny as the person playing him, he would have his own show on UPN - "Pluto: What up, Dog?"

The original cut

The Benny Hill Remix

Skillz's take - I let my son watch this a few times to show him not to mess with people. Though it only shows the boy running, you know he had to have initiated the incident. The person should know all of that comes with the territory - you are trading your dignity for a stuffy, hot suit. Deal with it.

Pluto? PWN3D!

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