Monday, October 29, 2007

Source: Only 360 will have downloadable GTAIV content

OUCH! In another blow to Sony, a Rockstar spokesman has confirmed that downloadable content for Grand Theft Auto IV will be 360-only.

The source's one statement is sure to send a huge ripple effect throughout the video game world.

While some PS3 fanboys are clinging to hope that the Rockstar game will have extra downloadable content one day Reference- others have said 'So what? Who's going to buy it?'

They also refer to the stories about the 360 is limiting GTA's progress - Reference

Yet, 360 owners can breathe a sign of relief that even though the wildly popular game will appear on both systems, the 360 owners will have hours and hours of extended gameplay.

And one Rockstar rep said it best - "The Grand Theft Auto IV episodic content is exclusive to Xbox 360."


If the statement was false, you'd expect Sony to release a statement ... but mum is the word from the Sony camp ...

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