Monday, October 29, 2007

Take our gaming survey ...

I have been into video games since the days of Commodore Vic-20s and Atari 2600s. I thought I would eventually do what my dad suggested and program on the Vic-20 instead of playing 'Gorf.' Boy, was I wrong!

The passion to play video games has only intensified. I don't game as much as I would like, but I do try my best to squeeze in a couple gaming sessions every week between family, work and chores.

Enough! I have a survey - I love getting them on myspace - for all of your video gamers. I would love to read your responses.

Here we go!

Video game I could play for days: "Elder Scrolls: Oblivion." Let me tell you - if you don't know about this game, you literally have to play this game for days to get around the map.

Video game I could play for days because I enjoy playing it: "Test Drive Unlimited" for the PS2. Though I have been so busy and can't play it like I want to, I find enjoyment in racing myself ... yeah ... my digital likeness ... and race him in front of family and friends ...

Video game that earns my respect for concept: "Grand Theft Auto 3" and beyond. It amazes me ... despite the violence, despite the 'Hot Coffee' incident, that a game series has so much staying power. I mean, what other game can you:

1. Cruise in a taxi
2. Cruise in a bus
3. Cruise in a firetruck
4. Cruise in a police car
5. Cruise in a Learjet
6. Cruise in a Jet Ranger helio
7. Cruise in a Harrier Jumpjet
8. Cruise in a military tank
9. Park a car in traffic and watch the carnage
10. Not be confined by doing missions

AND be able to make the game series better and better after each installment ... wow. The music in the game is real music ... and takes you back to the days when being angrogenous was hip ...

Video game that rules the gridiron - forever: "Techmo Bowl," Nintendo

Video game that rules the hardwood - forever: "NCAA Basketball," Super Nintendo

Video game that rules the ice rink - forever: "Blades of Steel," Nintendo

Ultimate first person shooter of all-time: "Golden Eye 64"

Video game that rules the road: "Test Drive Unlimited," PS2 - not just because I am in it ... NOT!!!!

Video game that makes you wish you could earn money in real life by entering a cheat code: "The Sims"

Video game that made leg warmers and Don Johnson cool again: "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City"

Video game that gave a new meaning to beverages: "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas's" mod called 'Hot Coffee.'

Video game that makes me wanna listen to rock music again: "Guitar Hero II" ... yeah ... I am gonna be the newest member of the group 'Space Pamperz.'

Video game that makes me hate insects: "Gears of War"

Video game that frustrates me, yet I love playing it: "Oblivion." I wish I could figure out some cheat codes ...

Video game that should have stayed at the publisher: "NARC." Get this ... you are an undercover cop and you arrest folks and look for drugs. Yet ... when you get the drugs, you have a choice of turning the drugs in or taking them ... ROTFL

Video game hero I'd love to meet in real life: Mobius 1 from "Ace Combat"

Video game anti-hero I'dl love to meet in real life: Claude - the mute - from "Grand Theft Auto 3"

Video game heroine I'd love to meet in real life:
Lara Croft of the "Tomb Raider" fame

Video game anti-heroine I'd love to meet in real life: Lady Grey, "Fable"

Video game I'd love to see an update for: "Fast Break" by Accolade and "F-14 Tomcat" on the PC

Video game that needs to be on the 360: "Secret of Mana"

Video game that really piques my interest at the moment: "GTA IV." It's gonna rock ...

Video game that proves a simple idea can be a success:

Video game that makes gardening cool: "Viva Pinata"

Video game that makes me feel safe because these guys are watching my back: "SOCOM Navy SEALS I, II and III" and "Gears of War"

Video game commercial I can watch over and over again: "kill.switch"

Video game commercial that is just utterly demented: The baby PS3 commercial ...

Video game I love playing when I feel like being a rebel: "Freedom Fighters"

Video game that I wish I could have at home:
"Sega Airline Pilots" - wow ... what a game. That would be sick to have that game in my Man Space ...

The ultimate video game weapon of all-time: Gotta go with the Hammer of Dawn on "Gears of War." Here's how it works: You paint, or target what you want to turn crispy ... wait for authorization ... and beam a laser from space. Sick, huh? A close second: Calling in a cruise missile in "Mercenaries"

Dumbest feature in an otherwise sick game: Hands down ... having to eat in "GTA: San Andreas"

The coolest feature EVER in a video game: Being a nonplayable character in "Test Drive: Unlimited" on the PS2. A close second? Parachuting in "GTA: San Andreas" ...

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