Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday's here, folks ...

It's your host, Mad Skillz, and I'm avoiding Black Friday events like the plague ...

Sure, I won't get that big LCD TV for just $800 - sure, I won't land that DS Lite ... it doesn't matter. Here's the deal - save a few bucks and sacrifice sleep OR save up and enjoy my time catching winks - BINGO!

It's happens just once a year, and quite frankly, after working a Black Friday at Circuit City a couple years ago, I am past that point. Yeah, clog up my Man Space with even more stuff that I won't keep for more than a year or two anyhow. No, thanks.

Oh well - but college basketball is in full swing. I should be getting "NCAA 2K8" any day now. Still hoping to snag a copy of "Assassin's Creed" for my 360 as well.

This week, a few more titles arrived. "Kane & Lynch," "Time Crisis 3" and, of course, "Rock Band."

Stay tuned!

Upcoming reviews: "MLB Power Pros," "Sega Rally Revo," "Viva Pinata: Party Animals," "Call of Duty 4," "Time Shift," "Jericho," "Guitar Hero III" and "Sims 2: Castaway."

Currently playing: "Rock Band," "Call of Duty 4," "Guitar Hero III," "Kane & Lynch" and "Link's Crossbow Training"

Likes: Finally getting my HD DVD remote after Best Buy shafted me and placed my remote on backorder (Arghh!!), spending time with family and friends during the holiday season and dueling my 4-year-old son in "Rock Band."

Dislikes: "Grand Theft Auto IV's" delay, fuel at $3+ a gallon (must be nice to gouge folks and get away with it), customers who can't read the words "AS IS - NO REFUND."

SiCk: Getting my heater working properly, having heat in our house FINALLY, scoring mad points on the vocals of "Rock Band" and finally getting my HD DVD remote!

PWN3D: Folks buying a new 40gb PS3 and finding out it doesn't play PS2 games (ouch!), the tons of folks fighting crowds just to get items to flip (it is NOT worth the effort ...) and bombers in Iraq blowing up a pet market (and why are we still there?!)

On my gaming/tech radar:
"GTA IV", "Assassin's Creed," "Fable 2," "Test Drive Unlimited 2," "Ghost Squad" (Wii) and "Army of Two."

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