Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A little chat with Red Octane on "Guitar Hero III"

Good morning! It's S.K.I.L.L.Z. and I was able to talk to Mr. Ted Lange, Associate Producer at Red Octane about their smash hit, "Guitar Hero III."

Duke City Gamerz: Are the tracks the same for all versions?

Lange: On disc, the tracks will be the same across all four platforms. We didn't want to give to one while taking away from another. We treat our children the same regardless of their appearances.

Duke City Gamerz: Will there be downloadable content on the PS3/360/Wii versions?

Lange: We have already begun to support downloadable content on the Xbox 360 with the Interscope Track Pack. In the next few weeks we will see new content available on the PS3 to go along with the Xbox 360. At this time, the infrastructure isn't there on the Wii. However, we are working with Nintendo and hope to have a resolution to the issue.

Duke City Gamerz: Why is the Wii guitar white?

Lange: Being the fashionistas we are, we found it completely inappropriate to use any color that could be seen as a stark contrast with the Wii remote. Being at the forefront of design and looking good is as important to rock star status as being able to shred. This way, Guitar Hero fans can look fashionable while sounding like rock legends!

Duke City Gamerz: Can you use the PS2/360 guitars from GHII/Encore with the new game?

Lange: Both the software and the hardware were created with forward thinking. While thinking ahead, we found it prudent to look behind and not forget where Guitar Hero came from. As such, the SG guitar controllers will work with the PS2 version of Guitar Hero III, the X-Plorer guitar controllers will work with the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero III and also of importance: the Les Paul and Kramer guitar controllers will work with the original Guitar Hero games.

Duke City Gamerz: What are the major differences between the 360 GHII and GHIII?

Lange: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was created with the next generation in mind. The graphics are absolutely stimulating, the music is dynamic, the set list is truly legendary and the guitar controllers are revolutionary. Add Slash, Tom Morello and Bret Michaels, re-recordings by The Sex Pistols and Living Colour, multiple new game modes and you have yourself, not just a great music game, but a legendary video game - that, well, rocks!

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