Saturday, November 3, 2007

PWN3D: A&E leashes "Dog the Bounty Hunter" over racist remark

Despite being an ace at nabbing baddies that police can't, Mr. Duane "Dog" Chapman has barked up the wrong tree. The Colorado native has had his TV show, "Dog the Bounty Hunter," yanked indefinitely, according to A&E.

Here's the BBC story:

US TV show pulled after racial rant

A bounty hunter has had his show pulled from US TV schedules after he used a racist term repeatedly in a phone call.

The A&E network said Dog the Bounty Hunter, starring Duane "Dog" Chapman, would be off-air "for the foreseeable future", but had not been scrapped.

The National Enquirer released a recording of a conversation involving the star, repeatedly making derogatory remarks about his son's girlfriend.

He issued an apology but several civil rights leaders want his show ditched.

They have written to A&E, branding his comments "a vicious attack on... interracial relations, as well as an incitement to violence".

Tucker's programme sees him and colleagues trying to find people who have absconded in Hawaii and other US states.


In the phone call, Chapman was heard talking to his son Tucker, urging him to break up with his black girlfriend.

He used the offensive "N-word" six times in the first 45 seconds of the five-minute clip, the Associated Press reported.

In his apology, Chapman said he was ashamed of himself and "should never have used that term".

And he added he was "disappointed" in his son's choice of girlfriend "not due to her race, but her character".

The 54-year-old's lawyer, Brook Hart, said Tucker was not a racist and promised the word would never be used again by the star.


S.K.I.L.L.Z.'s take: "Dog" is good at what he does, but what I find the most frightening is ... he claims to be a Christian. If you have heard the uncensored tirade, you can hear the hate in his voice. Correct me if I am wrong, but as a follower of Jesus, and yes, "Dog" has been on a few religious shows, where did all of this hate come from? It's sad whenever anyone uses a racist term, but when you *claim* to be a follower of a man who preached turn the other cheek, I dunno ...

I have a motto - if I can't say it in front of my mom, I won't say it. This just reveals his character and what's really in his heart. He really needs some serious prayer.

Slipping is one thing - but falling is something else.

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