Monday, December 10, 2007

40gb PS3 with BC? Hmm ...

Being the journalist I am, I heard a very interesting rumor while I was in Target today. According to an associate there (and I believe folks will stop reading when they see I was talking to an associate), she said Sony would be releasing a new version of the 40gb PlayStation 3 with BC. I laughed and said "BC?" She smiled and said "Yes, backwards compatiblity."

I was about to corner her. I said "Oh, you mean the 40gb PS3s on the shelf, right by the 80gbs, right?"

She nodded. "No, sir. Sony is going to bring updated, newer 40gb PS3s with BC. Not the ones out now, but new ones."

I can tell you she was rather informed, knew what she was talking about. After searching the Web, I for the life of me can't find a shred of info on 40gb PS3s with BC. Yes, I am skeptical of the source - an associate at Target - but based on our talk, she seemed to know what she was talking about.

Just dropped a line to my Sony contact for confirmation on this ... he wrote this reply:

The current 40gb plays PS one games already. The unit does not have the backwards compatibility for PS2 games."

We have made no announcement regarding a new version of the 40gb PS3."

I'll be quizzing the associate at Target shortly.

Stay tuned ...

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