Saturday, January 5, 2008

If the White House candidates were video game consoles ...

I would say Hillary would be an Xbox 360 - she's got experience on her side (Xbox), and she has some good quotes (It's good to play together), but there's some serious love-hate toward her.

Barack would be the Wii - he's a new, fresh face on the scene - and a lot of young people love him. He's pulling ahead of the old guard (Clinton, Edwards) but folks say he isn't experienced enough and just for casual voters.

Huckabee would be a PC - he's bringing integrity back and is old reliable. Folks may not embrace him, and he could care less - he knows when the 360 RRODs, or the PS3 gets dusty, he's still tuned to

Guilani would be the PS2 - he's got the brand name (9-11) and is used to being on top. However, he's living on street cred from being mayor of NYC.

Ron Paul would be the PSP - he's really getting picked on but still keeps trucking. He's proving that change is awesome - and younger folks are embracing him as well.

Fred Thompson would be an Atari Flashback system - he's been around the block, has some experience, but would be in the bargain bin faster than that Kim Kardashian porn boxset.

Mitt Romney would be a PS3 - he's got the pomp but isn't sure what he wants to be - a BR player or a game console.

John McCain would be a cell phone game - he's on the go - was popular once but soon got tossed into a desk and forgotten.

Dennis Kuncinich would be the Atari Jaguar - good ideas, a cool game but poor execution.

Mike Gravel would be a Turbo Grafx 16 - you remember how cool he was - you go into your basement, find it and pull it out and play him a few times, and then just toss him back forever since you can download VC games on your Wii!!!!

Gore would be a Gameboy Advance - Yes, he is cool but no one would take him seriously in a console race.

John Edwards would be an iPod nano - Yeah, he can do it all, can play games, but who would play games for hours on an iPod?

Lastly, Bill Richardson would be a Gamecube - he's the coolest video game system and cheapiest on the block, had some success but really, no one cares about.

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