Friday, January 25, 2008

My workplace on film, baby!

Straight to video thriller features our newsroom ... it's sweet!

The movie "Bordertown," was filmed in the Duke City, and a few scenes were filmed in our newsroom. While I wasn't working at the Trib at the time, I have to admit I do take pride in having a place where I work on film.

There are actually two scenes that show the newsroom. You can see the newsroom in one scene where JLo's calling someone ... and another when JLo's editor (Martin Sheen) tells her the story isn't running. She's sitting at the intern desk and immediately, you see one of our patented orange walls in the background. She gets up and starts throwing a fit. She walks around her desk and starts pushing LCD monitors over. The camera cuts and you see the staff's reaction. Finally, she ends up in our editor's, Phil Casaus, office.

Look for it January 29th at your local video store. Make a run for the Border this Tuesday!

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