Sunday, February 10, 2008

So I finally did it ...

Yes, Mad Skillz up and bought a PS3. And not just one ... but TWO PS3s. Why, you ask? Simple. I review video games, and I needed to buy a PS3. There are a few quality PS3 games out there and I need to expand Duke City Gamerz' coverage. I am a journalist first, and a video game junkie second. I need to be balanced in my coverage as possible, and not being able to review PS3 games was really taking its toll.

I snagged the 40gb PS3 first and had it shipped to me. However, I found a pristine 20gb PS3 locally and snagged that one the same day. I've been a Wii360PS3 owner for a few weeks now and it makes me motivated to be able to review ALL popular games now.

A quick review of the PS3:

1. There's no doubt in my mind the Blu Ray aspect is the price for the hefty price tag. It's a cool feature, but releasing the PS3 without the HD drive would have ended the launch delay and had it fighting tooth and nail with the Xbox 360.

2. The XMB - it's a media bar that works just like the PSP's OS blades. I was used to the PSP navicontrols, so this wasn't a stretch. Not as organized as the Xbox's media blades.

3. The graphic presentation is essentially on par with the 360's graphics. The "GT HD" demo was pretty sweet but I didn't see a clear-cut lead by the PS3 in this instance.

4. Lastly, the PS3 plays Blu Rays beautifully, but if you have a vast DVD collection, it WILL NOT upconvert your titles over component cables. Big bummer. You can watch the titles over HDMI upconverted, but not over component.

In a head-to-head fight, I have to say it's a worthy opponent, but right now, it's the 360, FTW. I will do a more in-depth review of the PS3 shortly.

Oh yeah ... got "Devil May Cry 4," "Turok," "Culdcept Saga" and "Endless Ocean" I have to play and review. I have upcoming reviews of "Trauma Center," "Harvey Birdman" and "Kingdom Under Fire," so stay tuned to Duke City Gamerz!

Have a blast!!!



SegaFanClub said...

Your stand dosen't look very stable in that picture.

Mad Skillz said...

I actually sold my 40gb PS3 and moved an HD DVD player downstair and the system selector off that shelf. Yes, I need to invest in a much more stable shelf. Care to contribute to the need-a-new-shelf-fund? Thanks!

SegaFanClub said...

Ha Id love to but my funds are low aswell, I need to start saving for a better TV, hope fully a stand comes with it :)