Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's been awesome, folks!

After a month away, I have some news. I have accepted a new job as editor/designer at the Houston Chronicle. I will also be blogging about video games for the paper as well.

I will keep this updated with info, but more than likely, my video game blog will resurface with an H-Town connection.

It's been real. I'll miss the green chile, the Sandias, Golden Pride chicken and of course, the lovely New Mexican ladies.

See you on the flipside!


John Lucas said...

Welcome back Mad Skillz! Glad to see you back!

John Lucas

Mehar Gill said...

Congratulations Man!

Jason D.C. Montoya said...

Congradulations Mt Fuji on the new Job in H-town.
Just so you know we have a very active chapter in the NVGA in H-Town. they throw almost weekly events. More active then us here in 'ol Albuquerque.
But congradulations and I'll kep cheking out your blog just to see how your doing.

King of the noobs