Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Get a $25 gift card from Target for buying an Arcade 360

Hola from H-Town, folks.

I hate to admit it, but my 20gb Xbox 360 Premium gave up the ghost weeks ago. I had been holding off purchasing one (read: Hurricane Ike) but finally, talked things over with my wife and realizing my video game reviews were getting backed up, I broke down and bought an Arcade for $199. I found out that there was a holiday bundle with the Sega Superstar Tennis and the 5 Arcade games. Sweet. However, I went to a couple Wally Worlds - nada. Went to a Circuit City near Clear Lake and found one - sweet. However, it was an older non-holiday model and I gave them the peace sign.

I was heading home Sunday when I saw Target. Why not?

I went there and found an Arcade with the holiday swag. However, I saw something else. A $25 gift card! I was like 'Oh yeah - excellent way to sweeten the deal!'

The clerk couldn't ring it up right, but instead, dropped the $199 tag to $174.99. And I got the extended warranty and spent just $209 for the Arcade. I still have my 20gb drive and a 64mb mem card, plus another mem card - 256mb, so I am set. However, I found out M$ is working on a Nov. update that will require more space than the 256mb mem card. M$ is offering a free 512mb mem card or a refurbed 20gb drive for $20.

I will take the 20gb drive for $20, Alex!

I am feeling great.

What am I working on? Well, right now, I have to finish playing "Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway" (PS3), "Brothers In Arms: Double Time" (Wii) and "Far Cry 2" (360, PS3).

It's so glad to be back. Drop me a line!

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