Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do we have a 'battle' brewing, Duke City?

In this corner ...

Do we have a Brick Light District brawl on the horizon? According to an anon source, most definitely! Duke City Gamerz, fight!

Dead Men's Den has had a lock on the area for a while, but a newcomer is here to brawl for the crown and bragging rights near UNM.

Stuart Hidalgo and his PvP University gaming center - - are less than a mile from Joshua Aguilar and Mike Moreno's spot. Something tells me Stewie wants a shot at the Dead Men mateys. Arghh!!!

Who will be the first to walk the plank? Gamers - which will you choose?

Stay tuned as news trickles in.

A personal note: I will put my money on the whatever gaming center that has one of these in stock:


Anonymous said...

I put my money on the power of PAYOLA! Looks like the Daily Lobo editor: Damien Garde and feature writer, Christopher Sanchez are now best buds with PVP owner: Stuart Hidalgo. That means their money is no good at PVP and PVP is getting some "FREE INK" from the Daily Lobo.

Mad Skillz said...

The plot thickens ...

Center gives gamers high-tech fix

It's not that Stuart Hidalgo played too many video games.

He would log maybe two or three hours of "World of Warcraft" every day. But that happened during his spare time, once dinner was out of the way and the kids were off to bed. Either way, Hidalgo's wife wanted answers.

"You know, that's where I spend a lot of time (on the computer)," he said, smiling. "And that's why my wife said, 'Well, why don't you try to make some money instead of wasting your time playing it? Why don't you do something about it?'"

So he did something about it: He opened PvP University Gaming Center at 115 Harvard Drive S.E. earlier this month.