Sunday, February 15, 2009

Player-vs.-Playergate? Things are getting veady interesting ...

From a tipster ...

It gets better... looks like Daily Lobo editor: Damien Garde and former editor and feature writer Christopher Sanchez are now frequent "non paying" gamerz at PVP University. We are now all familiar with recent headlines in New Mexico about pay to play politics, guess that's how business is done here as well. It is a fact that feature articles in print are much more valuable than paying for AD space.

We at are down to get to the bottom of this battle.

Fairness is what we are about.

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Anonymous said...

In WAR there are no rules!

Take a look at how Player vs Player University is "cherry picking" MySpace friends from Dead Men's Den by giving new customers their first hour FREE and promoting the $15 DAY PASS.