Saturday, February 14, 2009

Xbox gadget helps PS3 get online wirelessly

Originally published on on January 30, 2009

I enjoy my Xbox 360 and my PS3, but both lack wifi and I had no plans to buy a $100 MS wireless adapter. However, I found a good solution and it's nearly half the price.

I have read stories about using rewired routers and access points to get consoles without built-in wireless - the 20gb PS3, the 360 - but I didn't want to get something that wouldn't work with my picky 360.

I went to my local Fry's to buy a few cheap HD-DVDs ($5 a pop) and searched for a wireless repeater to get for my 360. I found one, but didn't want to pay over $50 for it.

I ended up in the 360 section and picked up Condemned 2 for $12. I looked over to the clearance stuff and found an original XBOX wireless adapter for $35.99. I remember reading somewhere that folks were still using the old wifi adapters made for the original Xbox with their 360s. I checked to make sure I could return it if it didn't work. I was assured I could, if I had to.

I took it home, sent it up on my 360 and after a few failed tries, it got online. Sweet.

It sure beats paying $80 to $100 to get online. I can't find the link, but you can also update the adapter's firmware to work flawlessly with the 360 and avoid the few hiccuffs I got.

On a side note ...

So, I decided to try it on my PS3. I was informed I needed to install a system update, and the scrolling ticker over the XMB displayed Street Fighter IV info. Tested the connection a few times - and it's true. I am online with my PS3 with an Xbox wireless adapter.

What's cool about the adapter is I have a standalone HD-DVD player and my HD-DVR and my PS3 hooked into a network hub and share the wireless signal.

I definitely recommend anyone who wants to go online without having to run a pile of wires or pay an arm and a leg to consider doing this.

If you live near a Fry's, I'd recommend calling them to see if they have any Xbox Wireless Adapter - not the 360 one - in stock.

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