Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From North Carolina ... at guard ... 6'6" ...

You may hate his guts, you may not like the Bulls, but he was the Greatest of All-Time. No one has impacted the game of basketball since Naismith like Jump 23. And thanks to some kind soul, some nice folks at 2K Sports and a nice UPS delivery dude, I've got a chance to revisit my childhood - and light up Boston and those Tea Partiers for 63 points in the Boston Garden.

His Airness

Coming soon to a retail shelf near you, NBA 2K11 will give gamers the option of playing as His Airness. I am going to review this with the PlayStation Move (Sorry, Xbox 360 types) and also with the Sixaxis to give you the best of both worlds.

When I got the package today and saw it was from 2K Sports, I got excited. Had to hop down to the Chron, but was thankful to catch a red light near my house. Opened the UPS envelope and saw Jordan looking back at me. A grin the size of Kansas appeared on my face.

The game drops Oct. 5th, next Tuesday. Look for the full review Monday, and impressions over the weekend.

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