Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Medal of Honor review - bogus?

Here's the link: GamesMaster reviews Medal of Honor - 85 percent

The review, running in GamesMaster mag in the U.K. talks about various aspects of the game and even talks about multiplayer modes and the like. What I find really funny is - how did the reviewer get past EA's gaggle of servers - get online and play with friends to test it out? Maybe he played in the multiplayer beta and is using that in his review, which is still bogus. As a former beta tester, there are usually a lot of bugs worked out between the beta and the retail product.

That said, I'm calling B.S. on his review. Gotta love the way he broke embargo just to say he was the first person to review the game. Meh. I've finished the game, loved it and waiting to take it online to finish my review.

My review of Medal of Honor hits Monday.

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