Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So, who's rockin' "Black Ops?"

Today, it's all about head shots, owning folks online in Call of Duty: Black Ops. Treyarch, the studio responsible for the latest Call of Duty had some very big boots to fill after the untimely departure of key Infinity Ward staffers. Remember that bit of drama? Black Ops also has the tough task of facing off against the wildly popular Xbox 360 smash Halo: REACH and the controversial reboot, Medal of Honor.

So, did the newest COD deliver? Did it blow you out of the water? Or did it make you want your money back?

Let us know - tell about the good, the bad, the glitches. Don't hold back. Let us know if multiplayer is worth the price of admission.

M4dski11z, signing off.

1 comment:

drayton.joyner said...

Dude its FREAKIN awsome. Worth every bit of its price. Only draw backs is that when i got it, all of the modern warfare 2 peeps went to black ops to own. So little ol' me is getting uber pwned be them. But other than that, its fun.