Friday, January 21, 2011

Get your build on with LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2

Developer: Media Molecule
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Available: NOW
Available on: PS3 exclusive
Price: $59.99
Rated E for Everyone

You may not like this review. I am likely the only PS3 owner to not own Little Big Planet or play it for an extended period of time. I was never really interested in the game, though it looked rather fun. Instead, I focused on Solid Snake. Now, I regret my decision to not bond more with Sack Boy. Will you forgive me, homes?

Developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony, LittleBigPlanet 2 gives gamers the chance to explore one planet in single player and endless amounts of user-created worlds online.

If you are a fan of customization, this is your title. You can decorate your world (and moon, for that matter) any way you see fit. From pimpin' Sack Boy with an Afro and Kanye West shades, to a virtual entourage with cute little Sack Bots.

What makes LBP2 really stand out isn't the way cool gameplay. It isn't the cute storyline or even battling the Negativitron that makes this game an instant classic. No, what makes this game the cat's meow is the ability to create, play and share your creation for the world to play.

You will likely have a blast in single player mode. There are a few areas that require a second player to complete, and it's a hoot watching four players running around onscreen creating all sorts of mayhem. Yet, as fun as that is, what really sucked me in was the chance to build a complete level and share it, or play it, with friends. It can be simple as my personal fave, a TRON-inspired racer level to a level that plays out like it's one of the missions that you play in the single player campaign. The world is yours, as Tony Montana points out in Scarface and you can build it however you want it.

The other big draw? It's backwards compatible with the original LittleBigPlanet levels, available online. So, when you buy this game, you'll have access to over 2 million user levels, which will only expand as people snag copies of LBP 2.

The graphics are detailed and clear, and even looks like it's 3D at times. The controls are good but can be annoying, especially when your Sack Boy seems to get a mind of its own and won't go where you want him to go.

Is it perfect? No. It's challenging at times and requires some thought often - especially with your children laughing loudly as my Sack Thing with his Afro hit circuits more times than I can count - but overall, it's one that chockful of replay value and endless possibilities.

The verdict? 9.25 (out of 10) stars. I really enjoyed playing the game and loved checking out several user-created levels. It's a great game on the PS3 that showcases creation - and could even spawn a new wave of game developers and designers. As I stated earlier, I never played the first LBP but the story, the ability to create levels as basic or advanced as you want and co-op make this game a must-own on the PS3.

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