Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Killzone 3, Move are solid team

Killzone 3

Developed by: Guerrilla Games
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Available: Tuesday, Feb. 22
Available on: PS3-Exclusive
Rating: M (for Mature)
Price: $59.99 (regular edition) to Helghast Edition ($129.99)

EDITOR'S NOTE: There will be a video review with Killzone 3 as well. Thanks! Ski11z

There's not a lot of new features shooters can offer. Yes, we can have SEAL-style insertions as missions. Yes, we can take the controls of an Apache gunship and light baddies up like a Christmas tree. However, since the days of DOOM, the genre has not really changed much. Until now.

Developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Killzone 3 does what no other shooter this generation has. KZ3 gives PlayStation 3 owners something that the Kinect can't yet give hardcore gamers - a real reason to embrace this new motion-controlled technology. Yes, Sony has went into their catalog of past hits - Heavy Rain, MAG and enabled Move support, but to have a game that's built with the Move in mind the entire time? That, my virtual friends, speaks volumes about how deep Sony is into the Move and supporting it.

Killzone 3 was built with the Move in mind. You can play the game with the Move or regular controller, but decided to experience a shooter in an entirely new and exciting way.

The game picks up where Killzone 2 left of. You play again as Killzone 2's main character, Sergeant Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko, a special forces officer with the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA). You and your partner, Master Sergeant Rico Velasquez, who killed the Helghast dictator, find yourself battling two enemies - the Nazi-styled Helghast and the ISA, who are content on operating "by the book." The adventure is filled with mech-tank battles, intense firefights, stealth missions and even a space flying mission. You can use a host of weapons - including this sick rifle that liquifies unsuspecting enemies into jars of tasty Gerber baby food.

The plot is ok - it jumps around a bit and could skip past you in some points if you are not keeping up. The story isn't really memorable - enjoyable in several parts - but lacks a real identity. It actually reminds me of battling Nazis in Call of Duty games, but in space and hella-cool weapons.

The graphics look sharp. Some levels, like the jungle and winter levels, really stand out. The jungle level really comes alive and will stun you with the insane amount of eye candy. The game has a lot of cutscenes - it feels like a movie at times - and the action between the cutscenes really seemed very short to say the least.

The soundtrack is impressive. The haunting sets really set the mood of scenes you play in.

With the Move, however, you are in for a real treat. Using the Move and the Navi controller, you can really bring the rain on the Helghast. It does take some getting used to, but once you nail a few baddies, learn how to take cover, you're ready to enlist.

The Move adds real depth to the overall experience. You can twist it sideways to reload, jab the Move forward to stab (it gives you on-screen movement cues to execute your moves flawlessly). My only gripe is each and every time you play Killzone 3, you have to calibrate the controllers. Despite that, if you love shooters, playing with the Move is one awesome experience that shouldn't be missed.

Sadly, I was never able to make the multiplayer sessions with Sony to take it for a go online. However, I'll add more to this review after I play it. Scout's honor!

The verdict? 9 (out of 10) The shooter has always been, IMHO, in Halo's shadows. It was dubbed the Halo killer and has never lived up to the hype. This offering, however, takes a lot of steps toward redemption. It ranks among the best shooters on the PS3 and with full Move support, you can't go wrong. Sony can put this down as a win to lure in more hardcore gamers into the fold. Though it takes getting used to, once you get the Move down on this game, it's on like Donkey Kong.

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Matt said...

I am definitely looking forward to this title though I probably won't be using the Move.

For one, I still haven't purchased one, and two I just feel more comfortable when my control scheme is something like "Triangle to take cover, R2 to shoot" vs "Stand like this to crouch and pull the trigger to shoot" only to end up making a slightly different motion and causing a cascading failure of events leading to you restarting from the last checkpoint ;)

This is Matt from the chronicle, or HC-Matt from the 29-95 blog. The spam filter over at 29.95 for some reason didn't like my above comment so I figured I'd just cut straight to the source :P