Monday, June 6, 2011

"Resistance 3" director talks to Ski11z

Insomniac has been very busy these days.

If you haven't seen Sony's press conference at E3, you should check out the new Resistance 3 trailer.

Before E3, Insomniac answered a few questions from M4d Ski11z about their upcoming shooter.

1. What can gamers expect in this Resistance that they couldn’t get in the other Resistances?

Ryan Schneider, Brand Development Director: You’re asking me to pick on Insomniac’s “children” here! Fortunately, you don’t have to. Resistance 3 is going to offer the best of both worlds from Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2. Gamers will experience that deeper sense of player choice from Resistance: Fall of Man thanks to the return of the weapon wheel and more open-ended levels. At the same time, Resistance 2 fans who loved the player progression found in the co-op mode and those huge boss battles during the single-player campaign will be satisfied too. Of course, a unifying factor to all three games is an engaging, action-packed but emotional storyline, which R3 will more than deliver.

2. The shooter genre in video games is literally flooded with titles on all systems. What will make R3 stand out and keep gamers coming back for more?

RS: If shooter fans are looking for something different from a modern combat simulator, we think Resistance 3 is their best choice. We deliver a unique and deeply humanized story centered on heroic survival in a brutal war-torn 1950s America. Yet at the same time shooter fans get to blast away gruesome creatures using an arsenal of human and alien weaponry – an Insomniac specialty. But at the heart of keeping gamers coming back for more is replayability, an area where we’re especially confident. Our multiplayer modes, with their wide array of loadouts, abilities and Berserks, will definitely keep gamers coming back for more.

3. What do you think the best quality in the Resistance series is? What is one area if you could improve upon that you would?

RS: To me, the best quality or attribute in the Resistance universe is our arsenal of human and Chimeran weapons. Shooting bullets is nice. Shooting laser rounds around corners with the Bullseye is way better. Or shooting through walls using the Auger. Or how about infecting your enemies with toxic goo from the Mutator that turns them into giant explosive pus balls? As for one area where we would improve upon, I’d have to say we’d love an extra couple hours in the day to keep adding to and polishing Resistance 3 so it blinds you with shinyness.

4. Sony has done an awesome job implementing Move support in several games, including SOCOM 4 and Killzone 3. Will R3 use Move support? If so, what are your views on the future of the Move?

RS: Resistance 3 will indeed support Move, along with the SharpShooter. At Insomniac, we believe that wireless gaming in all its forms can only help create more immersive experiences for players. Supporting Move, 3D and Sharpshooter gives gamers more options to experience the richness of the Resistance universe.

5. Before settling on the 1940s for R1, were there other time periods considered? Inquiring minds would love to know the answer to this.

RS: Well, we considered an Age of Enlightenment-era game featuring Chimera in poofy skirts, but negative focus group feedback killed that idea. Originally, we thought of Resistance as a space opera but realized that a more grounded universe would be beneficial. We looked at the World War I time period but the weapons or lack thereof wouldn’t lend themselves to particularly exciting gameplay. World War II-era games were all the rage at the time, so we focused on the 1950s instead. We loved turning that seemingly innocent post-war era on its head, transforming the world instead into a horrific wasteland. That’s how Resistance: Fall of Man became set in 1951.

Resistance 3 will be released Sept. 6, 2011.

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