Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playing games to save lives

There are some people who believe video games are child's play. However, a local Houston business is taking part in a much larger effort that helps raise funds by playing video games.

Extra Life is a fund-raising campaign by the Children's Miracle Network for hospitals. Any gamer can play and choose a hospital to raise money for. The event is sponsored by the Children's Miracle Network.

Recently, Timothy Baird, works at Player 1 Video Games in Friendswood, Texas, answered a few questions from video game expert M4d Ski11z about the event.

M4d Ski11z: What made you want to get involved in Children’s Miracle Network?

Timothy Baird, Player 1: Ideally it was the Extra Life event that got me into it. Play games for 24 hours and have people pay you to do it? Sounds like a dream come true to me! Even if all the money goes towards charity. I decided to join up because I felt I wasn't doing too much in my life to help society. So helping sick children sounded like an ideal option for me.

M4d Ski11z: What was the most your organization raised for the cause?

Baird: Extra Life last year raised nearly half a million dollars if I remember correctly. I remember it was greater than $400,000 at least, then again I could be mistaken. I helped raise nearly $400 last year for Extra Life.

M4d Ski11z: Have you met any of the patients and/or families that you have helped?

Baird: No, I have not met any of the patients or their families. I kind of like the anonymity of not knowing who I have helped and vice-versa, sort of like a guardian angel.

M4d Ski11z: If there was one thing you could say to patients and their families, what would it be?

Baird: Stay strong. There are a lot of people willing to help out in the world, even if you feel helpless or alone.

M4d Ski11z: Do you plan to do any similar events in 2011? 2012?

Baird: I will always try to do Extra Life whenever it is going on. I have also been thinking about donating over to the Child's Play charity as well.

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