Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Well played: Infamous 2, R3 demo and Just Cause 2

What I am playing ...

This past weekend, I made the big 25 and enjoyed getting off work early and a long weekend. I was able to get some good gaming in too.

Infamous 2: I just unlocked the Flood Town area and laying the smack down on the Ice Storm troopers. It's a lot of the same old, same old missions, but as I get more and more power, things are starting to get really fun.

The beast is closing in on New Orleans New Marais

Hopefully, I'll finish the rest of the game this week.

Maybe it's just my Sixaxis, but sometimes, the game slows down and freezes. The main character, Cole McGrath, sits there for a bit and won't respond to any movement. Then, he'll start moving again.

I do have one question about Bro. McGrath. Since water isn't his friend, how does homie wash? Is he rank and kickin' like Van Damme?!

Just Cause 2: I needed a break from sucking the electricity out of people and decided to cause some serious mayhem in Panau. I didn't play that much - I am experimenting with pairing things up with the grappling hook. I have been trying to see what I can pair up for some real chaos.

The controls are a bit twitchy at times, but overall it's been a load of laughs. The graphics look great - and the lack of load times is marvelous.

I'll play this more when I get free time and caught up on my past-due reviews.

Michael Jackson: The Experience: If you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby. Yes, MJ, preach it.

So, my children begged me to watch the music video "Thriller" a few times and I was like 'Let's just fire up the video game instead?'

The game features training modes, tons of video tutorials and solo and co-op modes. The game also has several ways for you to play. You can either focus on dancing or increase the difficulty and combine singing and dancing. The graphics look really good, though the Kinect did have a tough time tracking my son - he's 7 - but I think it was because of his height.

Gameplay is pretty straightforward. You duplicate the dance moves off to the right of the screen. If you are confused, just watch the dancer's moves. You'll be auditioning for a music video in no time!

I couldn't figure out the two-player mode, but I didn't really study the manual beforehand. I'll go back later and check that out. According to research, only one player can go at a time - no head to head on-screen.

I have the Wii version of the game and think the Kinect version blows the Wii one out of the water with one exception - the Wii copy I received had a white, glittery glove.

Sadly, there's no singing only mode - and a few of his greatest hits, including Human Nature, PYT and Jam are missing.

Still, it's a great game to take for a spin on your Kinect, especially if you love the King of Pop.

The verdict? Buy

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: So, it's no secret that if you own a Nintendo 3DS, you need to get Ocarina of Time. I never played the original, so this was a new experience for me. You play as Link, on a quest to stop an evil king from obtaining a device that can grant the owner any dream they can think of.

The game is very engaging and looks awesome on the 3DS. The colors are vibrant and gameplay is solid. Control is top notch as well, even for big hands. As with any Zelda game, you are going to be have several quests and sidequests to round out gameplay.

In the 3DS version of the game, though, features a new Boss Challenge mode that allows players to fight all of the bosses at once.

It's worth every penny you spend on it.

The verdict? Buy

Resistance 3 (single-player demo): Sony sent this to me several weeks ago. It is on the Battle: Los Angeles Blu Ray - actually, every copy of the movie - at least Blu Ray - has the demo if you want to take it for a spin, get the movie. Anyhow, it takes place along the Mississippi River. (SN: It's awesome Infamous 2 and R3 are showing love to the Mississippi River - well, its likeness) It's foggy, so you don't see a lot of the awesome graphics. I played a level at SXSW but that level was set at dusk - or during a storm - and couldn't really tell how awesome the graphics were.

In the demo, you are riding a tugboat to find survivors. The pilot tells you there's a locker filled with loads of ammo - and to use it. Well, what do you know but a grip of zombies notice you and decide to jack the tugboat. You can shoot them while they are on the buildings, when they make it on the ship or in mid-air (my favorite). Watching the shell's momentum push them back in mid-air is priceless.

After dealing with the undead, you attract attention from Chimera drones and the Chimera themselves. It's very intense - but fortunately, you have some cover to duck into and grab health packs.

The demo is rather short, but gives you enough of a taste to have you begging for more.

The verdict? Play the demo

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