Monday, August 29, 2011

Get your spy on with USB cufflinks

Secret Agent  Ski11z rockin' the sick USB cufflinks and some ice at Beyonce's House of  Dereon in Houston this weekend.

Agent Ski11z rockin' USB cufflinks and ice at Beyonce's House of Dereon in Houston.

Oh, the life of a spy. It’s not as glamorous as the James Bond movies and ‘True Lies’ suggest. It’s not always Aston Martins, million-dollar poker games and Martinis, shaken, not stirred. It’s a life of danger, lies and loneliness. But one thing is for certain – the gadgets are hella cool. From the tiny, hidden transmitters, to the real-life eavesdropping, tricked-out military Humvee called ‘The Prophet,’ the tools of the trade are truly legendary. has a piece of tech that real-life operations officers are likely using. The site offers Woven Silver Oval 8GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks for spies-in-training. The stylish cufflinks would set off any outfit at any function.

I had a chance to see for myself. I was invited to a recent celebration at Beyonce’s House of Dereon this past weekend. Why not rock them at the function?

Suited and  blinged out.

Suited and blinged out.

To maintain my cover while I gathered intel, I employed another secret agent, codename Sasha, to assist my efforts. I infiltrated the function via the front door, with the sole intention of getting data as secretively as possible. Using my iPhone 3GS as my main communication device, I was able to snap several pictures at the event. I was even able to meet and greet the VIPS during my intelligence gathering.

I tried my best to maintain a low profile at the function, but the cufflinks drew a lot of attention. Not even Agent Sasha knew that my stylish cufflinks were also USB drives.

At the end of the function, with the data secure, I exited the function with my cover intact.

As soon as I made it to my safe house, I was able to download and process all of the information on my cufflink flash drive. The USB drive has a very snug fit on the cufflink, and is very hard to push into a USB port on a computer. I was fearful I would break the port if I had to do it often. Using a USB extension would be wise if you plan to work for the CIA or MI6 and need to use your killer cufflinks.

No worries, gamers. These cufflinks even work with the Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3. Get your spy on, get your game on.

Back at the  safe house, loungin'.

Back at the safe house, loungin'.

The USB cufflinks are hefty and well constructed. They also come in a sturdy case with black felt sides to make sure no scuffs are on the cufflinks. As stated earlier, the USB flash drives fit snugly into the cufflink receiver.

They are pricey - most sets start at $225 – but really are one-of-a-kind nerd/geek’s dream. Each USB cufflink stores 2GB of data – for a total of 4GBs. also offers personalized engraving for a slight fee, though any spy knows to never reveal personal data that could be used against them.

Am I heading off to Langley soon? Not just yet. I have a few more missions to complete before answering the call for the world of espionage.

Thank you for reading this review. This message will self-destruct in 3, 2, 1 ...

Want to see the cufflinks unboxed? Check out the video below.

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