Friday, August 26, 2011

To keep or to sell? Your expanding video game collection

It's time for a new shelf ;(

We have all had this moment: We look at our old video game console and/or games and look at our living space. We have two choices - keep the older games and pass on getting new ones, or move to a bigger place and keep your collecting brush.

For anyone that has a finite amount of space, (college students, FTW) and/or limited funds, it's a very real problem. It would rock to have a vault where you could store your old video games and systems and pull them out when you want to feel like using the Contra code or want to complete Super Mario Bros. in under five minutes.

We tell ourselves we'll revisit our favorite games, but when the time comes we're shocked at how horrible the graphics are. Those slick, sharp LEDs and LCDs remind us why these games are no longer on our A-List.

It's time to look at those expanding video game collections and ask yourself a few questions:

The first question - do I really need to keep my old games? Only you can answer that question. My rule of thumb? If I haven't played a game in over a year, maybe I should get rid of it. You could sell it on eBay or craigslist - for a big loss - or trade it to Gamestop - for a huge loss. If you don't mind letting it go to make more space, it can be a win. Plus, Gamestop often offers extra trade-in credit for games. The extra credit can't hurt, can it?

Second question: If I am going to keep it, but need room, would a close friend be willing to give me space? This one is a bit dicey. If you can trust this person, it could be a great option. You don't have to get rid of your cherished console/games, and you can still get it back whenever you want it. The only problem? What if your friend breaks it? What if your friend has an accident?

Thirdly, do I really know the value of my games/console? Do some research before you sell for your collection for next to nothing. You may have Stadium Events on the NES - the original Nintendo - and don't realize it's rare and worth several thousands of dollars. Even a couple of recent video games (including Marvel vs. Capcom 2 can fetch over $200.

Fourth question - if I can't store it with a friend and I don't have room to keep it, maybe it's time to move. This option is really a lot to swallow. You must really love your collection to change your address - move your utilities and relocate for your video games. You may consider professional help as well. ;)

Lastly, if you are going to sell some/all of your collection, stand firm on your price. You are going to part with some games that you don't care about. You will have a tougher time parting with titles you have attachment to. That's fine. You can usually re-buy them for next to nothing, unless it's Stadium Events. With that said, after you do research, settle on a price and don't accept lower, unless you are trying to get rid of the collection painlessly.

Side note: Never, ever, EVER sell your video game collection for a boyfriend/girlfriend. You decide to sell your Colecovision, your Virtual Boy because the hottie you are with thinks it's so dorky. Then, three months later, she drops you in favor of this buff buffoon she met at L.A. Fitness. Don't do it, mi amigo. Your spouse? Maybe - but never do it for someone to whom you have no commitment.

-- M4d Ski11z

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