Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Battlefield 3" beta impressions, unboxing "RAGE"

Beta club

William Phillips, a gamer who attends Bellaire High School in Houston, shared his impressions on the new Battlefield 3 beta. Here are his impressions.

I played Battlefield 3 on Xbox LIVE Monday evening and I'm very impressed so far. It is hard to find a truly bad thing about the game. The gameplay is a lot of fun, and my opinion much improved compared to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor. The graphics are probably some of the best I've seen.

The beta stays fresh, even after playing as a friendly and enemy soldier.

The map featured in the beta is "Operation Metro". The map offers a good mix of sorts, providing a variety of distanced and close-quarter combat. "Rush." the only mode in the beta, starts out taking and defending objectives in a park. The location caters to long-distance firefights, with snipers hiding out at the farthest most edge.

After taking the field, the battle shifts into a underground subway station. At first, the station seemed like a bottleneck for the defending team to mow down attackers, but then proved to have multiple avenues of attack. They are nearly impossible to cover all at once. This surprised me because I expected it to be the most unfair part of the map playing as the offense. I was shocked to find myself enjoying it the most.

After you exit the ravaged subway station, you are confronted with an urban center that is great for finding high grounds to snipe from. every piece of the map is very well done, and difficult not to enjoy.

Minor problems/complaints

There's a bug that affected iron sights. A few times, I couldn't enter iron sights mode.

No vehicles in a BF beta? ... Whats the point? (Perhaps EA should have put in the Caspian border map instead, although I can understand why they have chosen to hold that one back)

In closing, what I experienced in the beta, I really liked, I am already hungry for the actual release!

William Phillips is a student at Bellaire High in Houston, Texas.

Un-Rapping RAGE

There aren't many things that make me pump my fist in enjoyment like getting a video game to review before release. This week, I got two games - and counting - for review.

The first one? Tetris Axis. It's a Nintendo 3DS title and should be a sick reboot of the original game that's older than most of my readers.

The next? RAGE. I got the Anarchy Edition, which makes things much easier in the early-going of the game. On the build I played at QuakeCon, I started with nada. I didn't have access to wheels until I found the parts to get a buggy running. Have no fear - the Anarchy Edition is here. It's got a lot of essentials covered. I won't spoil it for you.

Check out the unboxing video above.

Have an awesome day!!!!

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