Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ski11z unboxes Gears of War 3: Epic Edition

It's EPIC ...

Microsoft cured my maniac Monday in style.

My first reaction was "That's a big box." My second reaction was "Microsoft sent me the Gears of War 3 Xbox 360 for review!" But when I opened it - and saw the red skull staring back at me - I was overjoyed.

The game drops on Tuesday and comes in three different flavors.

The standard edition comes with the game and rings in at $59.99.
The limited edition comes with the game as well as a medal shaped like a cog (the cog has a code for an unlockable Adam Fenix character in multiplayer mode), a blue cog flag and various letters and photos of Adam Fenix.

The Epic edition comes with all of the contents listed below AND ... a Marcus Fenix statue, artbook, special weapons for multiplayer and a cool case.

Please, forgive me for not trimming my fingernails. Apparently, it's not cool and my hands look a hot mess (or so say commenters on YouTube). That hurts because I was a hand model back in Albuquerque. Meh.

Also, I started a new schedule at work and was pretty tired when I shot the video. Forgive me for not being enthusiastic, but I AM excited to get the game before release. Really, I am.

What do you think about Gears 3? Are you excited?

Dead Island Frenzy

Gamestop is in the news ... again. This time, it's actually a good thing.

So, Gamestop and Deep Silver, who published the recent video game release Dead Island, struck a deal to make a special edition of the game. The special edition has a red version of the cover, a special weapon and future levels/downloadable content. Also, it was available on the PC, PS3 and 360 versions of the game. Gamestop offered free special editions of the video game to anyone who pre-ordered it. Good deal, right? Well, when the game hit, demand for the special editions of the game shot through the roof. Aubrey Norris, manager of marketing & PR for Deep Silver, tweeted that special editions of the game were selling for $100.


So, I decided to do some research into it, and discovered the deal. The special edition of the game was only available at Gamestop for preorder customers. On eBay and Amazon, people are snapping up the special editions of the title.

Thanks to Aubrey, my review copy of the game IS the special edition version. And I am very, very close to finding one more roll of duct tape to make the Ripper - a chainsaw blade attached to a baseball bat.

Is the DLC and special weapon worth an additional $40? No way, but you can't tell that to rabid zombie fans. Still, this is one time that it paid to preorder a video game.

It's time for me to find that duct tape. ;)

MLG Vault review

Made by: Calibur 11
Available: NOW
Price: $89.99

Calibur 11's got a solid lock on the case mod business. Not only are their case mods slick looking, but they have secured Epic Games' approval for a Gears Vault case mod.

The real question is - why should you buy one? Well, the first reason is the visuals. The case colors vary, but the MLG Vault has a COD-camo pattern, doesn't restrict airflow and looks great in a dark room. The case is sturdy and will protect your Slim Xbox 360 from scratches and the like.

The second reason to buy one? You don't want to be part of the herd. You want to make a statement. You'll do it with this case.

The helmet face has two LEDs that can display multiple colors and even alternate lighting patterns. It does take up a single USB slot, but you can power off your 360 and the eyes will stay lit unless you unplug the power cable.

Overall, it's a slick case and will make your 360 look like it's on steroids.

The Verdict? 9.5 (out of 10) The case is awesome to look at and construction was rather simple and easy. If you have money to burn, take a look at this case.


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