Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday, Holiday Gift Guide for Video Games

Back in black

It's Black Friday. You know why it's called 'Black Friday?' Traditionally, the day after Christmas is the biggest day for retailers all year. In one day, a meh retailer can turn it all around. The consumer is hit with slick deals - the retailers grin on their way to an OWS-hated-on bank.

Now, your video game expert Ski11z has compiled a set of recommendations concerning video games and tech goodies.

PARENTS: If you need Ski11z to help guide you on video games, hit him here.

All things Nintendo

All things Sony

All things Microsoft

The best of the rest - video games/tech

Here are a few other gaming recommendations that I accidentally left out of the videos:

1. Uncharted 3 - the best game on the PS3 to really show off 3-D. Excellent graphics and truly a work of art.

2. Saints Row: The Third - what Grand Theft Auto wants to be. Cool graphics, crazy gameplay and over the top toilet humor. Raunchy and fun.

3. WWE 12 - wrestling at its finest. Nuff said.

4. Calibur 11 cases - from Modern Warfare 3 to colored cases, these cases are slick and definitely attention-grabbing.

5. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - People can say what they want, but driving a car that's expensive as a house around exotic locales never, ever gets old.

6. PilotWings/Nintendogs - these games truly show off how awesome the 3DS really is.

7. Logitech Ultimate Ears - you want a set of earbuds that let you slip into your own personal concert? Check these out.

Ok, gotta go and brave the Black Friday crowds. Be safe and have an awesome weekend!

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