Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'Section 8: Prejudice' for Windows GIVEAWAY

Section 8: Prejudice GIVEAWAY

Interested in some free stuff? I have a code for one copy of "Section 8: Prejudice," available on Games for Windows Marketplace. I received this code a while back and not sure if it still works - I never redeemed it - but hey, it's worth a shot, right?

To enter: Comment on this status AND like my Facebook page (link below) and say you're in. Just that simple! I'll select a random soul to get the code. I'll list the winner Friday. Thanks and good luck!


Updating Duke City Gamerz

My personal blog has been neglected for too long. Starting today, I'll be adding ALL of my stories from the Houston Chronicle, and other sites to this page. I am focusing 100 percent of my efforts on Duke City Gamerz again. Thanks for checking my page out and have a great day!

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tony said...

Hi, I am a fan of your video game unboxing videos, they get straight to the point with no crap that other video game unboxing videos have. I'm in (Section 8:Prejudice)

Mad Skillz said...

Thanks, Tony. I need to update the rules, but you are good. To be eligible for the code, posters need to also like my Facebook page, which is linked above. You are fine - in before this new rule lol. Thanks for your comment!

Adam said...

Hey Skillz, I enjoy reading all your current reviews and watching your video unboxings, and I'm looking forward to your upcoming new updates. I'M IN! --Section 8

Mad Skillz said...

Thanks for your notes, Adam. Glad that you are enjoying yourself! Make sure you - and Tony - submit questions to our newest feature, Ask Ski11z. I'll select 5 questions daily - or maybe 2, 3 times a week - and respond to them in a podcast/video. Thanks again for your support.

Mad Skillz said...

Congrats, Adam - you won! Please e-mail me at so I can e-mail you your code. Thanks!