Thursday, December 15, 2011

Got your STARHAWK beta keys RIGHT HERE!

Yes, yes, yes. Got 10 beta keys to give away after 6 p.m. today. The rules are simple. Subscribe to this blog - Duke City Gamerz - OR become a fan on M4d Ski11z fan page on Facebook. That's it. If you do either, you are entered into the drawing. Hurry - these keys are going FAST. 

Here's the URL to the Facebook fan page: or just subscribe to this blog. Thanks for tuning in!

The keys will be HOT and ready to use by midnight, Friday morning (I already have my code and will be playing some "Starhawk" shortly lol).


MrSlashizGod said...

hey ski11z im in bro


cameron654321123 said...

I'm in :) Would love a code :P

Anonymous said...

hey man i want to enter i already like your page on FB my PSN ID: DevilDriver-339

Mad Skillz said...

Annnnnnd the winners for the Starhawk beta keys are: Cameron Grant
Shemar Ali
Hugo Juarez Zuñiga
Angel Ortega
Matthew Stotler
Justin Jones
Papi G Funk

Contact me via YouTube or Facebook - anyone can e-mail and jack your code ;)