Monday, February 6, 2012

Get your own theater for just $799 with Sony's Personal 3D Viewer

Imagine being able to watch your favorite 3D Blu Ray in a movie theater by yourself. Just you. No texting teens, no children crying and screaming, just you watching your favorite movie. Now, imagine being able to do that in the comfort of your home, with the ability to pause your movie, grab a sandwich and go back into your big theater experience. Thanks to electronic giant, anyone with $800 to spend can have that very same experience.

Meet Sony’s Personal 3D Viewer, model HMZ-T1, a slick device that looks similar to a catcher’s mitt with a plastic visor. It’s designed to give viewers a big theater experience at their home. It’s pricey, but offers full HD, 2D and 3D support via a receiver. All you need is a source unit with an HDMI output.

The unit features two OLED displays in the housing, which provide the visuals. For your listening pleasure, the HMZ-T1 has two adjustable earphones that can slide on, over and under your ears. I wasn’t too impressed with the earphones. For $800, I was expecting noise-cancelling headphones to tune out distractions. The headphones did provide basic surround sound – the display showed all of the content I viewed was 2.1 surround sound – but seriously, anyone buying this device isn’t interested in the sound but stunning visuals.

You have to go through a somewhat length adjustment process – from moving the plastic head strap in or out so the device is viewable. You can also adjust the depth of the screen with a set of slider buttons on the bottom of the unit. If you want to recalibrate the device, just press the menu button to restart the process.

Overall, the OLED screens didn’t disappoint. Though it works great with 2D content, it’s an HD device and excels with HD and 3D content.

Should you buy it? It’s $799 plus tax for the device. If you are on a budget, no. You can find 3-D LEDs at least 42” for the same price as the unit. However, if you have money to burn and want a personal 3-D experience, yes, buy them.

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