Monday, May 21, 2012

In the #mail today - 'Red Tails' review coming soon!

Now you see me ...

This. In the #mail today. Ubisoft sent along copies of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for review. Talk about hyped! I have enjoyed the past Ghost Recon offerings - they are challenging but really are engaging and rewarding, even with cheats enabled. ;)
I also received Resistance: Burning Skies, a PlayStation Vita title from Sony for review.
Ghost Recon drops Tuesday, May 22nd. Burning Skies hits store shelves May 29th - Election Day.

We fight

After spending a few weeks with the DVD screener for the George Lucas film, Red Tails, it hits retail Tuesday. I am looking forward to seeing the Blu Ray. 

I'm polishing my review of the DVD and will post it shortly.


So, I found a few killer deals this past weekend. The first was a copy of Halo Legends on DVD for just $1. I also found Captain America DVD - stop laughing - on the cheap as well ($2.50).
However, the BEST deal I snagged this weekend was a 4-disc Rambo boxset for just $7. Yes, $7. The movies are pristine and yes, if you break down the cost, the Blu Rays would cost under $2 a pop.

Today, I found a Sony Dualshock controller - original - for just $15. Say it with me ... 1, 2, 3 SCORE!!!!


Os4Life said...

great deal skillz man thats cool hey do u think some time you could do a review of resistance burning skies thanks

Alex said...

I'm going for the Xbox 360 one.