Friday, June 1, 2012

Want to WIN a free copy of "SORCERY" on the PS3? Here's HOW!

WIN a FREE COPY of SORCERY on the PS3! Details below!


Anonymous said...

Will Love to Win One.

twitter: TheGreatOne313
youtube: TheGreatOne313

Is this the right video. No comments so im confused.

Chase said...

Hey I want to win a copy of the game Sorcery, been looking forward to it since it was announced. I'm following you on Twitter (@ChaseRobinson92) subscribed on youtube (GiantSlayer276) and my Email is

oh and on youtube it said "which version you are entering for" both look the same to me so guess that doesn't matter here?

JGooler said...

Hey I want a chance to win a copy of Sorcery, this game looks great. Following you on YouTube as thecrimsonghost1138 following twitter @jgooler and my email is

Airic53 said...

hey you know im in

Anonymous said...

Awsome another ps3 game giveaway. I'm in, love the unboxings skillz.


Anonymous said...

My email is Did everything in the description of the video my twitter is JamfetamiN

Anonymous said...

Excuse me , I forgot to say that my Youtube account is Quikisslover and the email

Curt/OMGYAYman777 said...

Hello skillz its Curt/OMGYAYman777 entering to win this game, same emails they are and/or, I've been a subscriber for about a year to u but I don't have twitter so hope I'm still elegable to enter and if so hope I win man, stay cool man, ur my fav unboxer man, hope for the best for man!

Daniel Dooley said...

Thanks for the giveaway. We work together at the Chron. Let me know if I win. PS3 version.

xxnike629xx said...

Hey it your buddy suiton629 from YouTube yet again.

You know that I've been a sub for a long time and I follow you on Twitter. =D

Anyway, PS3 version (wait this game is only on


Would be a cool birthday present from you.

Thanks and keep being awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'd love to win a copy of "Sorcery" for PS3. I have a PS Move and would love to check it out!
I subscribed to your youtube channel and followed you on twitter!

Thanks for the chance!

Daban Yaseen said...

hey man i wanna win a copy of sorcery for ps3 and i subed you and liked you youtube video so i hope i can win

Sebastian Eckmann said...

I wanna win a copy of sorcery for the ps3, I'm following you on twitter, I liked this video, I'm already subscribed to you too.

Pokeneon7 said...

I would like to win a free copy of this. My email is

I've been a subscriber ever since you started, and your videos are entertaining to watch.

thejeffrey505 said...

If I win this..... I will get on my knees and say thank you Jesus because this would be the first thing I ever won

thejeffrey505 said...

I followed you
My twitter name is thejeffrey505
YouTube name thejeffrey505
Blog name thejeffrey505

If I win message me on twiiter and YouTube

thejeffrey505 said...

Sorry for commenting to much please don't disqualify me but my email I want it for ps3

DrPixel said...

Hey, I'd love to win! PS3 please, my Youtube is DrPixelBear and my Twitter is @drpixl. Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank You for the chance.

my twitter is LarryThorough
my youtube is Larry Thourough
my email is

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity

my twitter is LarryThorough
my youtube is Larry Thourough
my email is

Twilight Deacon said...

Hello Mad Skillz

Name: Isaiah Edmond
Youtube: ThaOneKing08
Twitter:Deacon Faith(@Isaiah_Smalls)

Good Luck To Everybody!!!

Mrbigfatty23 said...

hey ski11z I'm in I'm looking to win the sorcery for ps3,my email is
YouTube is mrbigfatty23
Twitter is eman2164
Thanks for the opportunity ski11z . Dueces lol

Anonymous said...

keep staying a subscriber to you, keep following you on twitter, and now for the comment
youtube: MrWwefan524

Mikey said...

I would to win a Copy. My E-Mail =

YouTube Channel = Mik3Th3Rock3r

Dusty Pellman said...

I commented before, but I don't know if it went through since it said there was an error. But I love your videos M4DSki11z. I look forward to them all the time, and thank you for another contest for us gamers out there. Good luck to everyone.


Anonymous said...

enter me email following u on twitter as @tatertotllstar and youtube subscriber as NintendoLetsPlay3DS

YourNoNLegitGaming said...

AWesome, im entering.

Vexuco said...

hey i would love to get a copy of the game ps3 version umm i have done everything that you have said and contact me by this

Vexuco said...

I Would love to enter for this game i did everything that you have said and i am entering for the ps3 version of this game. contact me