Monday, May 13, 2024

Can Prime Video, “Fallout,” help Bethesda rebound?

By Willie Jefferson Jr.


THE STARS HAVE BEEN ALIGNING for Bethesda Softworks as of recently. The trademark video game franchise has gotten a huge boost from the wildly popular Amazon Prime Video series, “Fallout.”  The software publisher recently released a next-gen patch for the game, “Fallout 4,” which ushers in a tremendous boom for Sony PlayStation 5 owners, as well as Xbox Series owners, too.

And let’s not overlook the overnight price increases of used copies of their nine-year-old video game.

Several gamers (and nongamers) are mesmerized by the alt version of 1950s Earth and want you to explore the ruins of Terra in the first-person shooter. Retail copies of the game on PlayStation 4 have tripled and could climb higher. Xbox One versions have doubled in price.

With the overwhelming success of the streaming series first season, you better believe a sequel is likely green-lit for production. And with the next-gen patch for current-gen consoles, as well as steady climbing prices for used copies of the game, the real question on gamers minds is: What’s next, Bethesda?

Ever since Bethesda Softworks was acquired by Microsoft, some of their newest releases have had lackluster launches, and have resulted in studio closures at Arcane Studios Austin, and a few others.

“Redfall,” a vampire shooter from Arcane Studios (of the “Dishonored” fame) definitely did fall right out of the gate. Highly anticipated “Starfield” failed to meet initial expectations but has rebounded. Rhythm puzzler “Hi-Fi Rush” was a surprise and something Bethesda wasn’t used to releasing but did an amazing job on.

Unless there’s another surprise video game or IPO lurking like those super-sized roaches in “Fallout 4,” the next big title *should* be “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” releasing later this year or in 2025.

However, with renewed interest in “Fallout,” Bethesda could be considering a full 4K remaster or release for old and new fans. It would be an easy cash grab for MS and Bethesda, and an even bigger chance to unload tons of swag from the game on display in “Fallout” streaming services. (Who wants to bless me with a bobblehead Vault Boy? Black, Negro, please 🙌🏾🙏🏾)

Plus, there’s “Fallout 5” somewhere on the horizon, too. By that time, will the masses still have “Fallout” fever, or want to look to the skies, maybe at a “Starfield?”

Here’s hoping. 

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